Tattoos Trending?

Senior, Tanner Hovendick’s tattoo

Senior, Kristen Fischer’s tattoo

Throughout Longmont High, more students are being permanently changed. It is a lot more common to find tattoos on our students compared to the generation before us. Are tattoos trending in our generation? Kristen Fischer, senior, has recently got her first everlasting tattoo. Her tattoo is an arrow with the saying “To thine self be true” it has special meaning to it. This is a “principal to stay original” Fischer said. Moreover, Fischer thinks that tattoos are becoming common in our generation because people are becoming more brave, and are starting to care less about others opinions. Fischer also thinks you should lower the age to sixteen because “They’re old enough to make a decision, and young enough for artistic ideas.” In contrast, Shyanne Messer, senior, thinks they should not lower the age limit. “The first tattoo they tend to regret, when you’re older you tend to make a wiser decision.”  Messer’s first tattoo has a lot of family meaning behind it, that she has always been wanting.  It has a feather mixed with a bear claw, with the quote to “forgive but never forget”.  Tanner Hovendick, senior, has his last name written across his ribs. His motivation to get this tattoo was to show he is not ashamed of his family name, even though people made fun of him. Hovendick does not think you should lower the age limit, because when you’re younger you tend to regret them more. Do you think its a new trend in our generation?

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