Quite a warm winter

This winter has been pretty weak so far. It has been a warm winter and it has hardly snowed, it only snowed once and it lasted maybe a total of twelve hours. The first time it was actually cold and felt like it was winter was December 9, rather than that it has been a decent temperature. The high for December 10 is 36°   but as of 8:00 it is only 16° out (feel’s like -1). The rest of the week is looking rather warmer then normal with Tuesday 42°, Wednesday 47°, Thursday 49°, Friday 45°  and Saturday at 43°. Still no chance of snow that week, and im sure all of you Christmas lovers are still dreaming of a white Christmas. Senior Caleb Fiebig said, “this winter has been very disappointing, it hasn’t even snowed yet. I want it to snow so I can go skiing with my friends.” Skiing season is near and many people love skiing in the fresh new powder. Junior Emil Lundoe said, “there wont be much skiing on that powder if it doesn’t snow anytime soon! Its almost Christmas and there hasn’t even been a inch of snow. It makes me sad.”

Some good tips for staying warm:

•Keep your skin covered

•Layer your clothing

•Cover your head, ears and fingers

•Drink hot drinks and stay hydrated

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