How high is too high?

missmesThe prices of even the simplest of clothing items are climbing, higher and higher by the decade. Decent jeans are now 50 bucks and above, the most popular brand right now “Miss Me” jeans are now $90 – $120 for a simple pair of pants. Shoes are now costing up to 300 dollars, and Victoria secret bras are now $40 minimum. How would you pay for your wardrobe? Tanner Hovendick, senior, shares with us that pants are the most over priced article of clothing today, especially Miss Me jeans. Personally, the most he has ever spent on a pair of shoes was a $108. Despite the sky-scraper price, he thinks the price is worth it. Hovendick will only spend that amount of money on items he thinks are worth it. In 5 years from now, Hovendick predicts the prices will be outrageous. Furthermore, from a woman’s point of view Trojan News was interested in Brie Jenkins’, junior, opinion. The most overpriced item in her opinion is Miss Me jeans which she has plenty of. The most money Jenkins has paid was for a pair of Miss Me jeans, was $110.00. Jenkins tells us that Victoria’s Secret is definitely overpriced. Their bras are too expensive for only a bra, and yoga pants are $40. Prices for clothing are starting to get outrageous, and the majority of Longmont High agrees. How high of a price is too high for you?

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