5 reasons that Fanny packs are cool

Fanny packs… Your embarrassed to admit it but you want one, or you already have one. “A fanny pack, belt pack, belly bag, buffalo pouch, hip sack, waist bag, hip pack, bum bag, cangurera, banano, moon bag, is a small fabric pouch secured with a zipper and worn by use of a strap around the hips or waist.” (Wikipedia). Fanny packs were in style in the 1990′s, and have survived as a fad for a while now. Sophomore, Sam Shaff said, “I have two fanny packs, they are both purple. I wear mine alot, its so convenient. All your stuff right there by your fanny.” Many people still do wear them, and it may seem like a joke to you but they are the smart and cool. A hiker will wear their fanny pack backwards, a tourist forward, and a cool person however they want. As long as your wearing one and keeping your belongings safe, what does it matter? You look great. Here are 5 resons why fanny packs are cool:

1) Nike makes fanny packs, therefore they must be cool.

2) Its convenient. Pencils, pens, iPods, phones, calculators,  wallets, chicken soup, car keys, water bottles, small pets, nail clippers, ANYTHING. Its not about what you put in it, its about looking great, and being in style.

3) No easy pickpocketing.

4) Easy access to all your belongings.

5) You can be a part of something cool!

So go into your attic, retrieve your fanny pack, and wear it with pride. Remember, it’s cool.

RJ Donaldson

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Hi, my name is RJ. I am a senior. I play basketball and enjoy watching and playing many sports.

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